Chapter 2268

Waylon smiled. “She served as Gina’s psychologist before this, so Gina trusts her very much. It’s only natural for her not to suspect her.” Cameron squinted. “All I did was mock that woman for a little, and that’s why she’s targeting me and slandering me?” ‘I really don’t understand. What I said to that woman shouldn’t be too offensive, should it? So, why would she do something like that to sabotage me?’ He lifted a lock of her hair with his fingertips. “She’s not just targeting you. She’s mainly targeting Deedee. That woman has had her eyes fixed on my brother all this while.” Cameron was startled, and her expression dimmed instantly. ‘It turns out that Jessie has taken a fancy to Coleman. No wonder she refuted my words in a panic at the villa the other day. It seems that she had a guilty conscience.’ Thinking of something, she reprimanded, “I’ll let the fact that both you brothers look uncannily alike through, but you two do attract a lot of unnecessary attention too, huh?” Wa

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