Chapter 2270

Derrien picked up his cup of coffee. “You cheated on your wife and abused her, not to mention that your wife suffers from severe depression. If you really want to appeal to the court for divorce, I’m afraid your losses will be even greater.” Ronald choked on his own words and clenched his fists. “Since you’re that b*tch’s legal representative, why are you helping me?” Derrien took a sip of coffee. “Actually, Ms. Blueman asked me to help you.” Ronald frowned. “What’s your relationship with Jessie?” “Don’t get me wrong.” Derrien smiled. “I have nothing to do with Ms. Blueman, but since Ms. Blueman is willing to help you by opening some of her connections in the city, it’ll surely cut down a lot of workload on my side too.” Ronald had always been a man with a clear mind, so he quickly understood what Derrien meant, and his expression turned a lot less stiff. “If that’s the case, you just said that if I were to bring this matter to court, my losses would be even larger. So what should

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