Chapter 2272

Freyja looked down. “I don’t know a lot, but I know that she’s not really trying to help Deedee.” Cameron said, “She’s not. She got close to Deedee because she wanted to use her against you.” Freyja looked shocked. “Use Deedee against me?” “Yes, Jessie’s target is Coleman. She wanted to manipulate Deedee and trick her into hurting your child, thinking that maybe if you lost your child, you would love her more.” Freyja pressed her lips together. When she remembered all the rumors that started surfacing recently and the text, they all sounded like they were from Jessie. Colton came back in the afternoon and saw Freyja watering the plants in the garden. He frowned, walked over to her, and then covered her shoulders with his jacket. “Why are you outside?” “I was bored, so I did something.” Freyja put down the watering can and turned to look at him. “By the way, Deedee is coming back tonight.” He was surprised, then looked down. “Isn’t she staying in Emperon?” Freyja asked, “Do

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