Chapter 2288

Tiffany’s expression dimmed. “Why would it have something to do with Assistant Director Gosling? I can tell that he’s not someone who’s stupid enough to take fancy to a married woman who likes to flirt around with other men.” The two giggled and did not say anything else. After their meal, Daisie and James left the restaurant. The two stood in front of the elevator and waited. However, when the door opened and the people in the elevator came out, James pulled Daisie, who kept staring at her phone. Who knew that his actions would be captured by someone from afar until the two of them walked into the elevator together? In Zlokovia, at Bassburgh… Freyja went to the nursery to visit her baby. She glanced at the tiny figure in the incubator through the window, and her heart was about to melt. “Freyja.” She turned around and was slightly startled. “Mrs. Goldmann?” Maisie smiled at her and walked to the window. “Isn’t the baby adorable?” Freyja nodded. “Yeah, she’s indeed really ado

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