Chapter 2291

Deedee pressed her lips together before saying, “But I touched it first.” The girl put her hands on her waist. “I don’t care. I saw it first, and I’m older, so you need to let me have it.” Just when Deedee was hesitating, a woman walked over. “Beatrice, that’s not polite.” Beatrice turned around. “Mom, I saw this first, and I like it!” Barbara was helpless. She leaned down to look at Beatrice and said, “You can’t say that you’re older, so she should let you have it. That’s impolite.” Beatrice lowered her head and pouted. Barbara looked at Deedee, “Do you like this dress too?” Deedee cautiously nodded. Barbara smiled and asked the shopkeeper over. “Do you have another one of this dress?” The dress was inspired by the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ costume. It was a popular item and sold out in Bassburgh. This was the last one they had. Barbara sighed and touched Beatrice’s head. “Bea, I’ll bring you somewhere else to find prettier dresses. We don’t have to take this one.” Beatri

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