Chapter 2293

Freyja ate the food. “After the child is born, love is no longer as intense.” Colton chuckled. “After giving birth to the child, you have the energy to bicker with me, huh?” She continued to eat and ignored him. He hadn’t shown any appreciation ever since Charmaine's birth. What made her angrier was that he would help her with everything before that, but once it was done, he would disappear. ‘Is he no longer interested because he saw how Charm came out? ‘Hah, men.’ Colton noticed that she had a dark aura and was cautious. “Who made you angry?” Freyja glared at him because she thought the question was rhetorical. Colton didn’t know what to do. He moved next to her and was going to hug her, but she blocked his hands. “Don’t hug me.” He retracted his arms. Freyja looked at him and asked, “You really stopped because I said so?” Colton chuckled. “Well, do you want a hug or not?” She said, “Hug me when you figure out what’s wrong.” Colton stared at her and could guess why she

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