Chapter 2305

Zephir scoffed. “What would I have in mind?” James chuckled too. “You should know that best.” Daisie bumped James with her elbow. “Have you read the script? Don’t affect my filming later.” James turned his face away and did not speak. Daisie looked at Zephir. “I’ll prepare for the next scene with James.” Zephir nodded. While James was leaving with Daisie, he turned his head to glance at Zephir. He caught his gloomy expression and felt an intense chill shooting up his spine. ‘Geez, he’s definitely not a gentleman.’ On the other side of things, the female influencer lost her job because of the public’s opinions that were spreading on the Internet. She went out to the convenience store downstairs to buy something but was kicked out by the owner, claiming she would not sell goods to mistresses who seduced other people’s husbands. The female influencer felt aggrieved, so she could only put on a mask and leave in despair. Many of her neighbors in the apartment community recognized

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