Chapter 2318

Cameron paused for a bit and looked at Waylon. “Do you really mean it?” Waylon laughed. “The certificate will be in your possession. What can I do to stop you if you really want to dissolve the engagement?” Cameron remained silent for a split second. ‘What he just said seems to make sense. We’re only getting a marriage certificate, which will be in my possession. And if I find out he’s hooked up with another woman, I can file for a divorce anytime. That’s as easy as ABC, isn’t it?’ “I’ll get married to you, but I have one condition.” He raised his eyebrows. “And what would that be?” Cameron looked at him. “You’re not allowed to make our marriage public.” Waylon narrowed his eyes for a moment. “Deal.” Meanwhile, in a cafe… Edison handed some photos to Nollace—the woman in the photos was Tiffany. “After this woman left the filming site, she went to meet the influencer.” Nollace tapped the table with his fingertips and squinted his keen eyes. “What did she do with that female in

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