Chapter 2328

When Shannon came out and saw Zephir, he called out to him. “Zeph.” Zephir turned his head around and offered him a smile. “Yeah, Mr. Fallon?” “Daisie wanted to bring that young actor back into the crew. Since you’re the one who asked him to leave, I want to ask your opinion about this.” In the end, Shannon decided to ask Zephir for his opinion. After all, Zephir had persuaded the young actor to quit the film because the young actor had caused problems for the crew members. Now that they were calling him back, he did not want to make things difficult for Zephir. Something flitted across Zephir’s eyes as he said with a smile, “If Daisie wants to bring him back, then I don’t have any problem with it.” Shannon nodded. Then, he said, “Zeph, maybe you should try to separate personal from business affairs.” Shannon had realized something, so he figured that he should give Zephir some advice. Zephir did not say anything in return, and Shannon left after giving him that advice. Soon,

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