Chapter 2333

The female fan who splashed sulfuric acid was subdued to the ground by one of the security guards, but she would not admit her mistake. “Daisie Goldmann, you deserve this! Why aren’t you the one who got splashed!?” The crew found out about the situation and rushed over. Daisie turned around and shouted, “Bring me a bottle of water now. Hurry up!” One of the crew members brought Daisie a water bottle. She immediately grabbed it from the employee and cleaned James’s arm with it. Meanwhile, the staff beside them called the police and an ambulance. Daisie looked at James and yelled with bloodshot eyes, “What do you think you’re doing? Are you stupid!?” James inhaled sharply, gnashed his teeth, and forced a smile. “If I didn’t block the acid for you, you would’ve been disfigured. I was only looking after you on your husband’s behalf.” Daisie pushed the person next to her away, walked toward the female fan subdued by security, and slapped her in front of everyone. One of the crew me

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