Chapter 2336

“Don’t worry. More opportunities will definitely present themselves in the future.” Daisie turned to look at Shannon. “Then please watch over James more for me.” James clicked his tongue. “What do you mean by that? I’m no 3-year-old kid. Do I look like someone who can’t take care of myself?” Shannon laughed. “Okay, I’ll take good care of this brat and save Charlie from loads of worrying news.” Daisie and Nollace got in the car and left the crew. On the way, Daisie leaned on the back of the seat. “I thought Tiffany would expose Zephir in order to protect herself, but I didn’t expect...” ‘Not only did Tiffany disappear from the Internet, but she also chose to remain silent.’ Nollace massaged her shoulders for her. “Perhaps she chose to be silent because she knows that even though she wants to expose Zephir, she has nothing on him.” Daisie was astonished for a moment. “If everything that she told the female influencer to do to you was under his orders, wouldn’t that be something t

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