Chapter 2349

They would shoot at scenic spots and eat the most delicious dishes across different cities. They would play different games as well. The show became even more interesting. The different lifestyles, the coziness and laughter, and the companionship were what people desired, and the ratings naturally surpassed other shows. Daisie looked at him. “It’s indeed different. After all, we have two special guests who are not from the entertainment industry.” Helios squinted. “Two special guests?” At that moment, a black luxury car stopped in front of the courtyard. Daisie turned her head around and said, “There they are.” Waylon and Cameron came down from the car. When Helios saw them, he laughed, “Your brother is considered a child star as well. It’s just that he didn’t choose to become an artist afterward.” Daisie raised her brows and asked, “So, are the special guests I invited outstanding enough?” Waylon walked over to Helios and greeted him, “Uncle Helios.” Helios patted his shoulder

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