Chapter 2363

Colton grabbed her hand. “Freyja, you…” “So, I’ve made up my mind.” Freyja ripped off his tie, disheveling his collar. As she approached him, she said, “I'll make myself stand as close to you as possible. It doesn't matter if I can't reach your height. At the very least, I have to show everyone that I'm not useless without you.” Initially, Colton thought she was going to say something like she wanted to leave again. He did not expect something like that from her, and he was stunned for a moment. After a while, he grabbed her into his arms. The neon lights outside the window had cast a shadow over them. “When are you going back?” Freyja coiled her arms around his neck and answered, “Tomorrow afternoon, so…” Colton pinned her to the window and kissed her. She took off his jacket and dropped it on the floor. Dewdrops dotted the window, mottling the light that poured in from the outside streetlamps. In the dim light, under the cover of darkness, two figures were engaged in the most ta

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