Chapter 2381

“Who are you referring to as shameless? How can you blame me for that?” “Alright, we’ll blame that on me.” Waylon rubbed the corner of her eyes. His thumb then slipped down to her chin, pinched it, and lifted her face. “I shouldn’t have left you, an idiot in the kitchen, alone at home. For safety’s sake, I should hire a housekeeper and get them to come here when I’m not at home. She would come here to take care of you, lest you get yourself killed someday in the future.” At that moment, a rumble from her stomach responded to the suggestion. Waylon chuckled. “Are you hungry?” Cameron responded with a hum. Waylon did not want her to stay hungry while she waited for him to clean up the mess. “The kitchen won’t be ready to use for a while, so let’s order takeout.” After ordering takeout, Cameron sat at the table and gobbled the food. Although the takeout did not taste as good as Waylon’s cooking, it did not taste too bad. It took Waylon an hour and a half to clean up the kitchen. He

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