Chapter 2385

Mallon left the room after saying what he had to say. The next day, early in the morning… A shimmer of light pierced through the curtains and shone on the head of the bed. Cameron turned over, hugged someone beside her, and suddenly opened her eyes. Waylon lay beside her on his side, propping his hand against the side of his forehead as if he had been awake for a long time. He fiddled with the ends of her hair and kissed it. “You’ve woken up?” Cameron closed her eyes. “No, I haven’t.” He smirked, turned over, and covered her with his body in an instant. Cameron opened her eyes immediately and pressed her hands against his chest. “Wayne Goldmann!” His kiss stopped at the corner of her lips. “What’s up?” “I want to eat The Attic’s short ribs.” The last time they ordered takeout from that place, she got to try the short ribs once, and she really liked them. Waylon chuckled, knowing that she was changing the subject. “Alright, I’ll go and buy them.” He was about to get up, but

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