Chapter 2391

It was to accuse her of being a two-faced person. Cameron was supposed to introduce Minzy to Waylon and make them a couple, but she ended up falling for her friend’s man and said that it was a fair competition. Because of that comment, everyone started speculating that the Ms. Southern in question was the female guest who had shown up on the variety show with Waylon. Some of the more rational netizens said that Cameron did nothing wrong. Minzy and Waylon weren’t dating, so it was a fair competition. However, some netizens thought that Cameron was deceitful because she was supposed to help Waylon and Minzy get together but ended up falling for him and stealing him. That wasn’t considered competing fairly. She had just ‘tricked’ her friend. The people who watched the talk show suddenly lost their interest in Cameron and turned into haters. In the end, the truth about Cameron pretending to be a man for over two decades on the East Islands was exposed. People were saying that she

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