Chapter 2413

Cameron’s face became so red that she tried to hide her face behind her fan. She mumbled, “Stop it. It’s embarrassing. We should hurry up and go home now.” The smile on Waylon’s face broadened. “Alright. Let’s go home now.” When they arrived at the Southern manor, a few maids sprinkled some flowers on the ground. Waylon turned around and stretched his arm toward Cameron. Cameron lowered her head and placed her hand on his. He carried Cameron into the courtyard as everyone watched on. Sunny and Damian sat in their seats as they watched both Cameron and Waylon carry out the wedding ceremony. Sunny was both happy and sad. He was happy because his daughter finally had found a man she loved. He was sad because his daughter would also be someone else’s daughter from today onward. Damian put down his cup when he saw that Sunny was crying. He said, “Why are you crying? It’s such a big day for your daughter. You should be happy for her.” He wiped the tears off his face and said, “I’m no

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