Chapter 2415

“No, wait!” shouted Cameron. Perhaps even Waylon himself did not expect the thing that helped him win over Cameron’s heart was his cooking skills. “You want to eat, but you don’t want to forgive me,” he said with a frown tugging at the center of his forehead. “This is difficult. You’re confusing me. I don’t know what you want anymore.” “Did I say I’m not going to forgive you?” He raised his eyebrows. “So you forgave me?” Cameron stretched her arm and reached out for the plate of short ribs. She looked at Waylon and smiled. “Of course. I’m not a petty-minded person. A good woman like me doesn’t fight with men.” Waylon pushed her hand away and said, “Nah, I guess I should finish this plate of short ribs myself.” “No!” Cameron pounced on him from the back and hugged him. “I’m really hungry. Please let me eat it.” He was stunned. ‘Is she begging me?’ She looked just like a greedy kitten asking him for food. Waylon turned around to look at her and smiled. “Go wash your hands.”

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