Chapter 2425

Daisie didn’t remind her, but the others around her wouldn't have it. “Zoey, it’s a charity event, not a fashion show. I don’t think you’re the best person to be in the center.” Not anyone could stand in the center. This was a charity event. The big names weren’t even standing there, yet she did. No one would be fine with that. Zoey refuted, “No one said anything, so who are you to talk about it? Come stand here too if you’re not happy about it.” That made the artist’s face drop. The organizer’s higher-ups frowned and said something to the assistant. The assistant immediately sent someone over to check. Soon after that, the organizer suddenly requested them to be arranged based on the funds they raised. Those who did not raise any funds would have to stand in the back row. After that happened, everyone started talking about Zoey. Her face turned pale because it was an awkward situation. They whispered to each other, “She didn’t raise any funds? The audacity to stand in the

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