Chapter 2433

That martial arts training center was located in the center of the city, close to the commercial region that was only blocks away from the administrative and financial areas. The monthly rent of the properties in that area was not cheap—it would cost at least $70,000 per month. Cameron snapped her fingers. “How about I go and talk with the owner?” Daisie was surprised, and it took her quite some time to understand what was on Cameron’s mind. “Are you telling me that you’re interested in that training center?” Cameron raised her eyebrows. “You’re right.” Cameron and Daisie parked outside the training center and got out of the car. At this time, the door of the martial arts training center was tightly closed. It felt rather desolate, and very few people were in the hall. The two opened the door and stepped into the training center. A cleaner was the only person there, mopping the floor. When she noticed the two ladies, she looked at them. “Are you here for someone?” Daisie asked, “

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