Chapter 2435

“As for what happened last time, Conroy brought it on himself. Naturally, I don’t care about that matter, but...” Nick looked at Cameron, walked toward her, and stopped in front of her. “It’s about time for us to resolve the grievances between us in one go?” Cameron lifted her gaze and looked at him. “How do you plan to resolve it?” Nick leaned over and approached her with a profound smirk. “I wonder if your skills have improved, I would like to get into the ring with you once again.” … After Daisie left the training center, she called Waylon and told him about Cameron’s decision to stay back in that place because she was worried about her. Upon hearing that, the pen in Waylon’s hand stopped writing. “Are you saying the owner of the martial arts training center holds some sort of grudge against Cameron?” “Probably. I can feel it.” Daisie lowered her gaze. “Waylon, I’m very worried about Cameron. No matter how strong Cameron is, the opponent doesn’t seem to be some random weakling

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