Chapter 2448

When the police caught Zoey and Tiffany, none of them had their clothes on. One week later, Daisie was discharged from the hospital. The reporters waiting outside the hospital rushed toward her when they saw her, bombarding her with many questions, be it about her kid or whether Zoey was the main culprit who put her in the hospital. Nollace guarded Daisie behind him and replied, “Thank you for your concern. My wife and kid are fine.” Daisie grabbed Nollace’s hand and smiled. Nollace hugged her tightly in his arms and walked toward the car outside under the protection of their bodyguards. After getting into the car, they went away as the reporters watched on. When they returned to the Goldmann mansion, Maisie instructed the maids to prepare the lunch. Daisie looked at the scrumptious meal on the table and said helplessly, “Mom, don’t you think this is a bit too much?” “You call this too much? All of this is good for your health,” Maisie said as she pushed a bowl of chicken soup

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