Chapter 244

Helios had mentioned before that he had a play about jewelry pieces, and he also explained that the crew originally wanted to use fake props when he came over. However, he thought that he would not be able to give his audience a genuine visual sensation if he had to work with fake props, so he needed real jewelry. The crew currently did not have so much money to invest into the usage of real jewelry as props, so Helios intended to pay for it himself. This was also quite free publicity for Maisie, and he was going to pay for the jewelry, so why shouldn’t she be happy about it? Maisie smiled. “Okay, we’ll get the person in charge to deliver them to your crew when the time comes.” “Thank you.” Helios nodded and left with his team after making the preorder. Maisie took the order receipt and turned around to see Nolan sitting on the sofa at the side of the room with his arms crossed in front of him. Maisie paused, looked at the staff who had already dispersed outside, walked in front

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