Chapter 2460

Waylon smiled and pushed Cameron’s hair behind her back, showing her forehead. He planted a kiss in between her eyebrows very carefully. Waylon and Cameron saw Chadwick at school the next day. Chadwick walked out of his classroom, saw that Waylon was with a woman, and froze. ‘Adults are so weird. He was with a man the other day, but now he is with a woman.’ Waylon waved at him. “Chaddy, come and meet your aunt.” Chadwick was nervous. “How many wives do you have?” Cameron couldn’t help but laugh. Waylon pushed her forward. “Take a closer look.” Cameron smiled at him. “Hello Chadwick, we meet again.” Chadwick realized that Cameron looked familiar, and his expression turned into one of shock. “You’re Master Southern!?” Cameron gave him a thumbs up. “Clever.” He was even more disgusted. “Why are you in women’s clothes?” Cameron was rendered speechless. ‘Can I beat him up?’ After Waylon explained everything to the kid, he finally realized what had happened and lowered his he

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