Chapter 2463

Nollace was rendered speechless. The next day, at the National Film and Television College… Freyja was preparing her script for her short film in the classroom when Shannon, Leia, and a few of her classmates came in. Shannon said, “By the way, my boyfriend is holding a sorority party at his house today. Do you want to come along?” “What? You have a boyfriend?” “Yeah, we’ve been together for more than a month. I didn’t have time to introduce him to you, but you guys will see him today.” “I’m so jealous of you. What does your boyfriend do for a living?” Shannon smiled and replied, “His family owns a business. His father planned to let him take over the company recently.” After Shannon finished speaking, she walked up to Freyja and asked, “Freyja, are you coming? You can bring your husband as well.” Freyja pressed her lips tightly. As if Shannon knew Freyja would reject her, she continued. “Don’t worry. All of us are friends. Come and join us for fun.” “That’s right, Freyja. Let

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