Chapter 2484

Leia walked to her side. “Freyja, are… Are you okay?” She shook her head and could not even utter a word at that moment. Leia stayed by her side and comforted her until Colton appeared. He knew that Freyja would hear the news, so he rushed to the college to find her. Colton brought Freyja to his side. “Thanks, Leia. Sorry to have bothered you. You can leave her to me now.” Leia nodded. Colton got into the car with Freyja in his arms, and the car then left the college. He brought Freyja to the palace, and just as Freyja was puzzled, Nollace and Daisie walked out of the huge building. “Freyja, you should also go see Grandpa for the last time.” Freyja clenched the hands that were hanging by her sides and quickly stepped indoors. The people who came to mourn were all dignitaries and politicians in the main hall. King William’s body was placed in a glass coffin, and his expression looked peaceful, as if he was asleep. Freyja appeared in the hall, followed by Nollace. She walked t

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