Chapter 2486

There was a knock on the door, and Zephir looked through his fingers. “Come in.” Leah opened the door and walked in, and he was slightly startled by her appearance. “Why are you here?” Leah lifted the bag she was carrying, which contained snacks and beer. “Seeing that you’ve been staying home, recuperating for so long, I was afraid that you’d be bored, so I came to visit you.” She put the beer on the table and took out some snacks. “At this time, you definitely need a drink, don’t you?” Zephir gave off a faint sneer. “You’ve read the news?” “As long as one isn’t blind, they will surely see it.” She opened a can of beer and handed it to him. Zephir took it from her and took a sip. Leah sat across from him. “Your injury should almost be healed, shouldn’t it?” He responded with a casual hum. Leah lifted her head and stared at him for a long time. “It’s not that I want to nag you, but I really think it’s time for you to leave your feelings for Daisie behind. After all, she’s alre

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