Chapter 2498

Freyja remembered why Colton would get angry at her last night. It turned out that he had heard about the rumor as well. Suddenly, a student came over and said, “Freyja, the professor is looking for you.” Freyja came to the professor’s office. The professor had read through the draft that she sent him last night. “This is a perfect MO. Did you come up with it yourself?” Freyja replied honestly, “Norman inspired me.” “I see. No wonder I felt like I had seen something like this before, but this indeed is a very good idea. Anyway, Freyja, I have a task for you.” “What task?” she asked. “I want you to interview Mr. Lancell. This will be your thesis.” After he finished speaking, he handed the document to her. Freyja took over the document and said, “I’ll try my best.” When she was about to leave, the professor’s voice rang again. “However, you can’t ask for any help from Norman. You must get the approval from Mr. Lancell with your own effort.” She stopped for a moment and nodded

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