Chapter 24

Maisie chewed her pen and thought for a long time, but she was stuck in an inspiration drought… “Zee.” Seeing Willow appear outside her door, Maisie put her pen down. “There’s no one around. You can drop the mushiness. It’s nauseating.” If this was any other day, Willow would have retorted with a scathing remark. Today, however, she managed to converse in a calm and collected manner. “I’m not here to start a fight. I’m well aware that you’re far more adept in matters of business.” Willow placed the documents she was holding on the table. “I’m sure you know the conundrum Vaenna is currently facing. It just so happens that there’s a client who’s willing to provide us with an advertising platform. Could you come with me and discuss the contract terms tonight? Maisie picked up the contract folder, skimmed through the pages, then smirked. “Sure, I’ll go with you.” “I’ll see you tonight then.” As Willow turned to leave, her eyes flickered with coldness. Maisie picked up the folder

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