Chapter 2500

Yorrick fell silent for a moment after he heard what Colton said. After a while, he asked, “You think it’s fake?” Colton chuckled and said, “Mrs. Pruitt was mentally triggered in prison during the coronation ceremony. I just can’t help myself to suspect that she’s just pretending.” Would Sandy let the Knowles have the power she had been trying to obtain? She had lost her mind and would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. If she was released from prison, would she go through the treatment, or would she try to get her revenge? Nobody could tell that. Yorrick sighed. “Coleman, according to the constitution of Yaramoor, if someone serving a prison sentence has been diagnosed with mental illness, they will be absolved from serving the sentence so they can receive treatment.” “I know,” Colton replied sternly. “As such, I can’t let her get what she wants no matter what.” Meanwhile, inside the Knowles’ study room… Edison was reporting to Nollace after learning that Sandy was going

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