Chapter 2512

Meanwhile, Norman brought them some snacks and juice. Leia took a glass of juice and approached Freyja. “Did you see Norman’s mother’s eyes when she looked at you?” Leia could see that Isabelle did not like Freyja from her eyes. However, she did not tell Freyja about it since she did not want Freyja to think too much. Freyja let out a smile. She had realized it as well. “Maybe it’s because she knows my mother. My mother used to mingle with them in the past.” That being said, she knew that her mother did not have a good relationship with any of them, and this could be proven by the fact that none of them had visited or mentioned her mother ever since she was sent to prison. If Isabelle could recognize her, she could understand why she did not like her. Leia tried to comfort her and said, “No matter what your mother did, it has nothing to do with you. So don’t think too much.” “Thank you.” “Don’t mention it. After all, we’re friends.” While both of them were talking, Norman came

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