Chapter 2514

After a short while, Freyja opened the door and popped her head out. “Then take them for me.” He squinted and replied, “Say it properly.” Freyja took a deep breath, gnashed her teeth, and said with a smile, “Darling, can you help me to get my clothes, please?” “That’s more like it.” Colton then went to the dressing room to help her get her clothes, including her undergarments. Freyja hastily took them from his hand and slammed the door shut. It might have hit Colton's nose if he stood closer to the door. He clicked his tongue and thought, ‘How can she still be angry at me after I’ve done everything she asked me to? It seems like I need to tell my daughter so that she won’t pick up these bad habits from her mother.’ Freyja came out of the bathroom after she finished her bath. When she saw that Colton was reading her script on the bed, she went forward and took it away from his hand. He did not expect something like that from her, so he took a step back, causing her to lose her bal

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