Chapter 2519

The red-haired woman fell silent for a short moment but then turned her face away from all of them. “I’ve lost it.” Colton’s expression turned even gloomier and sterner. “What did you just say?” “I said I lost it. What’s wrong? Are you telling me that you’re going to hit a feeble woman? Come on now, hit me.” The red-haired woman moved her face closer to Colton. Colton raised his hand. Freyja stopped him immediately. “Calm down. Look around you.” Colton looked around—many people from around town were watching. The red-haired woman flung Norman’s hand off her arm and crossed her arms. “If you dare lay a finger on me here, then I’ll tell the police that you’re deliberately causing trouble at a nursing home. We’ll then see whether you or I will be the one who gets sent to the precinct?” “What an arrogant wretch!” Leia could not stand her anymore and walked out from the group of four. “It’s obvious that you’re the one who stole someone else’s wallet, so what do you expect us to do ap

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