Chapter 2521

Hal jumped on top of the pile of trash and started digging as if it found the target. His owner said, “Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. I’m guessing it’s buried down there.” Hal barked a few times, and two villagers started helping with digging. Soon, they found a new bag under the trash. The villager picked it up. “Is it this one?” Colton walked forward, took it, and chuckled. “It is.” He opened it, and other than money, the ID and passport were still inside. There was also the key to a safe in the bank that was squashed behind the passport. That was what Freyja had inherited from her grandfather after his passing. Freyja had asked Colton to keep it, so he always brought it around with him. He wouldn’t be able to explain to her if he lost it. He was glad he found it. Colton suddenly felt dizzy and fell to the floor. “Colton!” “Mister!” When he woke up, it was already evening. Freyja, who was sitting next to the bed, saw that he was awake, so she got up and looked a

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