Chapter 2532

“You...” Mia pursed her lips and lowered her head. “I’ve done something really bad to you, and you’re still willing to help me out?” “First of all, you did it for your younger brother, didn’t you? Although it’s wrong to steal someone else’s wallet because you want to heal him, I can see that you’re not hopelessly bad.” Freyja placed a card on the table and moved toward her. “There is $30,000 here, and I’ll lend it to you. I’ll then introduce you to a job after your brother’s surgery is over and his eyesight is restored. You can slowly return the money to me after you start working.” Mia picked up the card and looked at her incredulously. “Are you really willing to help me?” Freyja smiled. “I have lent you all the money that you need, and you can now contact the hospital to reschedule the surgery. What’s there left to doubt?” Mia got up abruptly and knelt on the ground. Freyja stood up instantly and helped her up. “What are you doing? Get up already.” Mia looked up at her with tear

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