Chapter 2540

Nollace narrowed his eyes as if thoughts were flashing across his mind. “She met a woman?” Hedeon rubbed his chin. “I don’t know what those two women were talking about, but their actions looked mysterious, so it’s definitely not something good.” There was a knock on the door, so Hedeon got up and opened it. It was Cecelia. Cecelia ignored Hedeon and walked in with some documents. “Your Highness.” She handed Nollace the documents, but he did not take them from her. “Just place them on the desk and leave us.” Cecelia smiled, leaned over, and approached Nollace with her upper body. “Your Highness, must you be so unfeeling to me? I admit that I shouldn’t have used my father to restrain you. It was my fault, and I apologize.“ Hedeon, who was standing by the door, shuddered. ‘This woman is giving me goosebumps when she speaks so coquettishly.’ Nollace lifted his unconcerned gaze and did not react to anything that she did. Cecelia hooked his tie with her long finger. “Your Highness

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