Chapter 2542

Nollace opened the bedroom door and saw Daisie sitting lazily on the lazy boy and watching a movie. Even though she didn’t have an appetite for a proper meal, she had space for chips. He hung his coat and rolled up his sleeve as he walked over to Daisie. “You seem to have a good appetite today.” Daisie licked her fingers. “Mia made it. She even made spaghetti for me, and I finished it.” Nollace smiled and pinched her chubby cheeks. “Do I cook better, or does she?” Daisie sat up. “You want to be compared to her?” He took her seat on his lap and touched her hair. “Answer me.” Daisie put down the bag of chips and hugged his neck. “You’re jealous of a woman?” “Eat.” She chuckled. “My husband is the best cook in the world, alright?” Nollace kissed her face very gently and smiled. “You’re the sweetest.” “Honey, can you put on some makeup tonight?” Nollace didn’t speak. Daisie flattened his collar and looked sad. “I can’t wear makeup while I’m pregnant, and my makeup products are

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