Chapter 2548

“You did nothing when your daughter was harming a royal descendant, and you tell me that’s loyalty?” Nollace asked, his face sank. Lucius looked at him and said, “We’re very sorry for your loss, but you’re the prince of Yaramoor. Your marriage will influence how other countries look at us. Even though the Goldmanns are a powerful family, their daughter just doesn't match your status…” Nollace smashed the cup on the table to the floor, causing Cecelia to yelp out in fear and stunning Lucius. Nollace slowly rose up to his feet and continued. “You keep saying that you’re doing this for the good of the royal family, but in reality, you just want your daughter to be the princess. You've been manipulating the cabinet ever since my grandfather passed away, so of course, everyone would support you. Since you wish to get your daughter to be the princess, I'll renounce my status as the prince.” Cecelia was stunned. She found it hard to believe that he would go to the extent of renouncing his

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