Chapter 2566

Mia went to make tea. Daisie approached Freyja. “Did something happen to Nollace?” She froze for a split second. “Daisie...” “Freyja, please at least give me something. Nollace hasn’t come back in two days, and when Edison came here the other day, he only told me that there’s something that Nollace had to deal with, but I know that even if something huge was up, he would still give me a call and update me personally.” ‘If he hadn't run into some accident, how could he have only asked Edison to convey his words to me? And he didn’t even give me a call or send me a text message in the past two days.’ Freyja knew that she could no longer hide it from her, so she lowered her head. “I’m sorry, Daisie. He probably didn’t want you to worry, but you should trust him.” Daisie sat down. “You guys don’t tell me anything. How do you expect me to believe in him?” Freyja took a deep breath and explained the matter slowly, “The police have detained Nollace for investigation. The police suspect

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