Chapter 2568

Nollace shrugged indifferently, and Cecelia was on the brink of dying on the spot because of his complacency. “I’m indeed very proud of myself because the person who will end up in prison won’t be me. As for the evidence that’s putting me in here, clearing my suspicion is as easy as ABC. It only depends on whether I’m willing to go to that extent or not.” She sneered and gnashed her teeth. “Stop deceiving yourself. Nollace Knowles, you’re now only a down-and-out prince who will be locked in prison, and no one can save you except me!” At this time, a police officer suddenly opened the door and came in. “Mr. Knowles, you can leave now.” Cecelia’s expression changed instantly. “How is this possible!?” ‘He’s the suspect who has the biggest motive, so how could he be released?’ Nollace squinted as he thought about the sudden turn of tides, only to hear the police officer continue. “Your wife has provided us with strong proof that you would not poison Clover Finlay.” Nollace froze for

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