Chapter 2570

Lucius’ expression looked a little restless, but he still stood his ground firmly. “That matter has nothing to do with Cecelia. The woman was the one who used Cecelia. Cecelia would definitely not do anything to persecute the royal heir.” “Really?” Diana picked the teacup up from the saucer in her hand, and her eyes were fixed on the clear tea. “If this is the case, why is my son, someone who was investigating the cause of the housekeeper’s death, being framed as a suspect?” “Your Majesty, perhaps everything His Highness did was to avenge his wife. The prison guards and police found the murderer, and His Highness sent someone out to search for the murderer. However, the murderer had already been brutally killed when they got there. His Highness is very suspicious when you look subjectively at the matter.” “If Nollace is suspicious, why isn’t Ms. Taylor suspicious too?” Lucius’s expression stiffened. Diana lifted her head, stared directly at Lucius, and spoke clearly. “That houseke

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