Chapter 2574

The minister didn’t speak because he knew… However, before this ended, the hacker got into the security system of the cabinet and caused a system failure. ‘You Are Next’ was shown on their website. The mysterious hacker put everyone on high alert, and soon, news that the cabinet members were working with the police got out. They thought throwing one person under the bus would be good enough, but the hacker exposed another cabinet member two days later. It seemed to be targeted at the cabinet, but it was actually exposing the dealings between ministers and the Taylors. On the cruise, in the room… Colton closed his laptop and looked toward Nollace. “Are you sure this will hurt that old man?” Nollace stared at his screen as his fingers jumped between keys on the keyboard. “If it doesn’t, the ministers will take the fall for him. Everyone else will soon become pawns that he abandoned. We need to create more noise and give them pressure. If we make them panic, they’ll start fighting

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