Chapter 2579

Cecelia grinned coldly, and there was a manic glint in her eyes. “You work for Daisie, right? It seems to me that she cares a lot about you. I wonder if she will still care about you now or not.” Mia instantly understood what Cecelia was trying to do. Her brain went blank, and her heart was clutched by fear. Meanwhile, Daisie was resting on the bed when her phone rang. She took her phone and answered it when she saw it was Mia. “Yes, Mia?” “I’m not Mia. You didn’t think I’d have her, right?” Daisie’s pupils constricted. The voice did not belong to Mia, but it sounded familiar. “You… You’re Cecelia?” “Yes, it’s me. I told you that I’d make you all regret it. So listen up, Daisie. Your maid is in my hands now. If you don’t want her to die, then come to me.” “Daisie, don’t listen to her! Mmmhm!” Daisie clutched tightly to the phone when she heard Mia’s voice. She bit her lips and said, “Cecelia, this is between you and me. You don’t have to drag an innocent person into it. Relea

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