Chapter 2584

“It’s indeed good news.” Colton stopped beside Freyja and glanced at Nollace and Daisie. “At least the result isn’t too bad.” Nollace hugged Daisie and smiled. “It’s all thanks to you, Colton.” The servant prepared a sumptuous lunch, and the four of them ate at the dining table, not forgetting to bring a few bottles of wine to the table to add to the fun. However, Daisie could only replace her wine with fruit juice. Freyja swayed the wine glass in her hand and said, “The problems that the Taylors brought to the table have been solved. I didn’t expect so many ministers in the cabinet to be impeached. So, I guess it’s time for a huge change, right?” The ending that the Taylors deserved could not be changed, and the fate of the few ministers who were associated with the Taylors suffered their shares too. Not only did their privately embezzled property get confiscated, but they also lost their opportunity to restore their positions in the cabinet. It was equivalent to being banned fr

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