Chapter 2586

Chadwick held his smartwatch close to his lips. “911, someone’s fighting here.” The red-haired girl rushed forward. “You brat! How dare you dial 911!?” Before Chadwick could react, he was violently pushed to the ground. His bag was dropped, and everything was scattered on the ground. He gnashed his teeth, got up, and fought with the girl. However, his strength was not the same as a 16 or 17-year-old youngster, especially when there were a few of them. The red-haired girl rolled up her sleeves. “You f*cker! You actually have the balls to fight back? I’ll have to teach you a lesson today.” The red-haired girl was about to step forward but was suddenly embraced from behind by Sapphire, holding her back. At that moment, Sapphire shouted to Chadwick, “Why are you still standing there? Run!” The person standing next to the red-haired girl raised her foot and kicked Sapphire out of the way. Sapphire fell to the ground, and her palm hit the steps, causing it to lacerate. “Sapphire!”

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