Chapter 2588

‘I have no other choice but to grow up faster.’ Cameron glanced in the rearview mirror and caught the slight disappointment on his face. “Frankly speaking, there’s no need for you to feel discouraged. You’re still young. “How long have you been learning martial arts? There are people out there who have been practicing martial arts for more than a decade and still find it difficult to bring their opponents down when they get engaged in fights or matches. So what do you expect to achieve in less than a year?” Chadwick pursed his lips and remained silent. Cameron smiled. “Why not just take me in as your coach? I promise that I’ll train you well and shape you into whoever you want to be.” Chadwick leaned back into the seat. “Then I might as well ask Coach Wickam to train me.” Cameron’s expression became more restrained. “You’re so mean.” Chadwick snorted and turned his face away. The car arrived at the Boucher manor, and Chadwick got out of the car. At that moment, the butler hurr

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