Chapter 2590

Maisie stroked Daisie’s hair and laughed. “I know that you’re happy when you’re with Nolly. That’s why your father and I don’t really worry about your marriage.” At noon, Daisie accompanied Maisie for a stroll in the garden, wrapping her arm around Maisie’s. “Mom, for how long will you and Dad stay?” Maisie teased her. “Why ask? Do you want us to leave already?” “That’s not true.” She shook her head and leaned on Maisie’s shoulder after saying that. “It’d be nice if you and Dad could stay here longer.” “Your father and I will only stay here for half a month. Your father will go to Uncle Yorrick’s place tomorrow to visit your great-grandmother.” After explaining Nolan’s schedule to her, Maisie turned to face Daisie. “Maybe you can come with me to pay Freyja and her father a visit tomorrow. After all, Freyja is now the Goldmanns’ daughter-in-law, and she has also given birth to Charm for Cole. So it’s definitely time for me to meet my in-law already.” Daisie smiled and nodded. “Okay

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