Chapter 2602

“Huh?” “Dylan told me that the landlord originally didn’t intend to rent the place to Nick in order for him to continue operating his martial arts training center there. He told me that Nick had to beg the landlord to agree to rent him the place, but Dylan didn’t tell me that the rental contract that the landlord had with them had a deadline.” Cameron gave the matter a thought. “But the landlord said that the lease is only viable for 15 years, and there are still 5 years left. This means that no matter whether the training center causes trouble, the rental contract will still be revoked.” Wayne’s eyes shifted away from her, and he pursed his lips tightly and did not utter a single word. Cameron wrapped her arms around his neck and shoved her face right up to his. “What Dylan said doesn’t really match with what the landlord said, but I don’t think Dylan would lie about the training center. “Apart from that, the landlord introduced us to the store enthusiastically, and the main thin

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