Chapter 292

What a massive turn of events! They had initially been under the impression Wynona was the victim, but it now appeared to them that it was not the case. A few girls felt pity for Wynona when she had told them that she was bullied and beaten by a newcomer the other day, but now they felt she had brought it on herself after learning the truth. Since she had the nerves to do something like that, it went without saying that she could make up the whole thing about this newcomer. All colors were washed from Wynona’s face, and she stumbled a few steps back. The people around her were no longer looking at her sympathetically. Instead, they were pointing fingers at her, showering her with all sorts of criticisms. “Maisie, how… How could you!?” she shouted hysterically, her voice laced thick with sobs. “How could you do this to me!?” “How about you?” Maisie asked in return, her face stern, “How could you do this to me? I've forgiven you again and again, but look at yourself. You're the one

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