Chapter 294

“Snake! There’s a snake!” Francisco rushed out of the crowd and ran toward Maisie. However, the instructor stopped him and barked out his order, “Everyone, clear the site. The assessment is suspended!” “Sir, how is she?” Francisco asked anxiously. “A snake bit her, and she needs medical attention now.” ‘Bit by a snake? Why is there a snake in the training camp?’ “Maisie!” Cherie ran up to Maisie while Hans tended to her wound. “The wound on the back of her hand is starting to swell up. We’ve got to remove the venom from her first. “I’m sorry, Ms. Vanderblit. Please bear with me,” Hans cut open the wound bigger with Maisie's knife. Then, he squeezed the snake venom out of the wound slowly and repeated the same process. Maisie put up with the intense pain throughout the entire process. Her face was ashen pale, and beads of sweat were running down her cheek. “Quickly! Go get a stretcher!” Hans shouted at Cherie. “Okay! I’ll be right back!” Cherie replied as she ran toward the i

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